Funniest Animals 🐧 – Funny Domestic And Wild Animals' LifeT 😁 – Cutest Animals Ever

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Coeur says:

W O N D E R F U L ~ V I D E O
Beautiful and funny animals πŸ™‚

sergio pereira says:

can anyone give me the definition of "Cutest Animals Ever" ????
this is boring as hell.

Ldy Dove says:

For the love that is good, put a little water in the tub so they stop screwing around in the toilet Eww

R. F. says:

The toilet scene…so gross

R. F. says:

7:41 what's that animal with the cat??

Snowman374th says:

Seexxyy!!!! Slaps her arse 4 times hahah

Goblin says:

Non mettete gli effetti sonori di paperissima porco dio che fanno cagare

Johanka RončkovÑ says:

Nice videoπŸ˜›

Forbidden History LIVE says:


choice tv 7 says:

Funniest Anmals Ever good video

Liza says:

Keep making these videos, they’re awesome..✌️❀️

Lisa Godin says:

Some of these are downright cruel with morons laughing. You don't deserve pets! I'll mark this as abusive because it is! It's NOT funny when an animal falls, gets slapped or has a idiot of an owner who stands there not removing a cat sitting on the head of another who can't fucking breathe!

Kat Alday says:

I've never seen a bear so happy to have found a jungle gym!

anjalee amaradasa says:

Lesson.this is the humanity. They know about pure love than human.they live with fun they are so innocent.I love so much animals

Lori Spicer says:

Good video, very funny parts, but ur video loops back to ones u had in there already several times.

Hugh Gordon says:

More ferrets needed

TheColePatrol says:

The one with the baby monkey and small dog was just cruel, why is the baby monkey not with its mother? It needs body contact at that age and is not going to get it from the dog. Cruel.

yengwayo omhle Nkomo says:

I was here for the laughing horse

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