FUNNIEST ANIMAL VIDEOS 2018 – Funny Llama Videos Try Not To Laugh Compilation —

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Funny animal videos. Llama’s are so funny watch these llama’s spit at innocent people just coming to say hi! Llama’s with big attitudes watch these fails and try not to laugh!



Terri Rickert says:

I don't understand llama owners encouraging people to "pet" llamas. Llamas HATE being pet. The reason llamas spit is because they are annoyed or threatened. Llama spit is amazing, as llamas have three stomaches and the spit is drawn from one of the three stomaches depend on how irritated they are. Each stomach contents more digested. The third stomach being almost poo. Spitting range is VERY accurate and up to 15 feet.

So why do humans think it is funny & enjoyable to irritate/tease animals? This is cruel and selfish on behalf of humans.

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