Drunk Animals – Funny Animals Compilation 2017

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platinum pegasis says:

those animals are dying aren't they

Brandon Feltman says:

Poisoned..drunk…eh who can tell the difference.

Sammy The Strawberry says:

The question is…

how did they even get drunk???

Critty92 says:

Some of these arent funny dude

Miguel Bonachea says:

Ummmm… some of the animals in this video SHOW CLEAR SIGN OF RABIES

Flavia Renevey says:

I agree with most of the people who commented here. I don't think these animals are drunk. Although there is a documentary that shows that animals can get drunk as well…. see… animals getting drunk on marula fruit. That one is really funny

AlonelyArtist says:

First of all, the snake is not drunk. It was run over, and you can see below it's head that there is a dent in it's body. Most of these are not even funny, because of the true causes, which makes it SEEM like they are.

Be Positive says:

I’m farmer so many birds acting like this don’t know y many dead in my hand. I can say if they are acting like this 99% life will be end in day or 2

om nom says:

most whernt drunk just diing/bord

tv 5 Sw says:

Poor Animals they don't have smart Brain like Humans

Ji Min says:

3:38 – me struggling to get out of bed in the mornings

Samantha Leslie says:

I think some of these animals are dying this video actually bothered me sad and disturbing

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