DOG decorating CHRISTMAS TREE! Funny animal video!

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Christmas is coming! And I decided to surprise my parents – buy and decorate the Christmas tree! It is very simple buy a Christmas tree, but decorate it… This is a very creative process, just for such a creative dog as I am!
I hope you enjoy my new funny animal video! Thank you!
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Tarcisio Silva says:

te amo estou chorando de tão lindo de deus ese cachorro fofo de mais infinito a eu tenho um tamben

Lyall Mc Carthy says:

Good job …oooops! Never mind it can be fixed up

Agnes Bianca says:


Dayanna Yorvik says:


Hülya Aydin says:

UPS 🤣🤣

Vania Barona González says:

how sad he tried hard and fell silent 😭😭😭😭😢

Eliani Bertoletti says:

Din como você gosta do Natal fofura esperto 💖❤️💖❤️🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷

K i Suro B says:


Cat 123 Cat 1234 says:

I like every Video 😘 you are the best Forever little Sunshine 🐾🐾🐾🐕 Wuff from Germany 😘😘

Flávia A. says:

What a magical day. Don't you think, our dog Santa???

Elisangela Reis says:

Ele teve tanto trabalho… 💓💓💓


Sensacional, feliz Natal!!!!!

Gianbattista Vitali says:


Georgette Beacham says:

He's so cute. Just love him

Ste7ka play says:

Я люблю такс

Slavyanka Krasnaya says:

Японский городовой! Украсил ёлку! Ёлки- палки! Хулиган! И нося у тебя хулиганский!😘

нет, ну это бан. says:

Бедняяяжка , не повезло )))

Francesca Katz says:

Din,you're the cutest recipe for disaster. I love you,cutie pie!🐕

Lera _ dark says:

Ну ты и даёшь!=)

Graciela Bobadilla says:


Agusta Sister says:


snooooopycomehome says:

Totally lololol on this one.

Katharine McQuillin says:

I was not expecting the end! Hahaha very cute video

Liana Mori says:

Doxie's heart is in the right place!

Bev Rush says:

Whoops! Lolol

мемы про 100 says:

Пожалуй самая крутая такса ютуба
С наступающим вас

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