Dancing Pets | Funny Animal Video Compilation 2018

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Cut a rug! Bust a move! Get down! Get groovy! Whatever the kids are calling it these days, get up and dance with these dancing pets!

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Cute Pet Club says:

Cute 😍 moments of the animals🐶


Mia the fox says:


miroslav jandak says:

Very very sweet animals thanks you very much

grgazz says:

Cute video!

selenator forever says:


_Panda_Panda _Panda_ says:

The 4th video when your so stupid all u can do is bang your head

Sid Wolfy says:

2:55 twerk twerk

I Am Chosen says:

the Asian guy and his cat, Lmao

Stephanie Perez says:

the cat at 0:25 is me everytime i try to dance

Nem- Otter AJ says:

Shake that booty

* Booty swooty *

Dani and Haddash Birb Couple says:

2:40 the pigs are just scratching there backs.

Ashley Alff says:

0:35 is that dog twerking???

Regina Sens González says:

Not funny that dog is sick like other latins vídeos named scooby doo papa when dogs are "dancing"… They have "Moquillo"

Xx Puffy the dark wolf xX says:

Forgot the pigs!😤

`` Jüpiter `` says:

Very sweet 😍

Taco Cat ft. Jackson says:

AWe we love kitty cats!

…. if you love kitties too make sure you give us a visit!

TortoiseFan says:

0:36 I don't think he was dancing…..

Istenes Alexandra says:

Ferrets dance too!

night Candle says:

thanks brill and wat was the song?

Butters The Bean says:

Love the dog in the crib!

J K says:

0;57 Memes br ❤

Navi K says:

2:07 initially thought it was scraping on the pillow 😂😂

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