Confused Animals | Funny Pet Video Compilation

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Like us silly hoomans, these animals are just trying to navigate this crazy world one day at a time! Watch these hilarious animals get confused at everything around them!

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Woopindif shouldakepshlepin says:

I dident see Donald Trump.

Daniel Corona says:

That cat at 0:12 is what I look like when the double-double patties are being stacked at in-n-out. @in-n-out

Charles Huse says:

That last clip with the shepard pup and the stuff tiger. We had one of those stuffed critters for a bit. Freaked our cat the hell out. There wasn't a day that he did not attack it because it was another cat in his territory.

Don't cry when I'm gone says:

0:12 Did aliens arrived?

Fernando Cardoso Pereira says:

1:55, é um bode?

Alisa Lauzon says:

Haha love the Racoons food disappearance, now u see it now u dont just dont be washing that ! Also is there a sheep out thier meoweing?? Body exchange?

Hélia Alves says:

2:10 That dog cracked me up! So funny, I had to watch it again 😀

Syed Yasir Ali says:

Confused or Curious!!??? :S

Yova Rodz says:

Hilarious! 😂😂😂😂😂

Bayu Eka putra says:

0:11 me when she said " i'm pregananant "

Totally logical says:

1:01 imagine getting a nick on your paint, thinking someone bumped you, and it turns out to be a gobbler

Crazy Ivan says:

1:55 look at this beautiful goat 🙂

Sierra J says:

0:40 omg, what is that little rat thing? so cute

Siva R says:

2:00 wrong driver

Iman Malts says:

i saw black screen so i heard only audio noises now the problems fixed . i see the video now and i hear the audio :)"

ਵਾਸੁ Гу́пта́ says:

0:11 me after smoking pot

Happyheart's Studio says:

2:43 The Dog Has Seen A Huge Cat..

First Surname says:

If the sheep thinks he's a dog and the cat thinks he's a sheep, then I assume the dog must think he's a cat.

Веста Нестерова says:

Тигр в квартире… Это сильно)

RozN4 Gomez says:

It was cute till I saw the rat,,,fckng disgusting

beaggyboy says:

Waa..t, this Tabby bleats like a sheep ?
That's odd..

Nuclear Trex says:

0:10 He isn't confused, he is just concentrating his powers

Daniel martin says:

1:55 no le han avisado que es hijo de el lechero

😝quize decir de la cabara

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