Best Funny Videos Of Animals Chasing Lasers Compilation 2014

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Check out these funny animals chasing lasers in this funny animal chasing laser pointer videos compilation.


DistriktA says:

Must be hard to be a tiny red/green dot in this world.

Cameron Wilder says:

The outro is the song that vat19 uses

maymakvm says:

Best way to get your pets to lose weight

Jaimee Kinman says:

Even fish and spiders get fascinated by a laser?

HeyHeyMadibellehere says:

My betta fish Elton loves to play with laser pointers

L.F S says:

Y'all are laughing but this is what the economy and ads have us doing

Demonic Pic Grinder says:

Gotta say im suprised at the horse ..the monkey , spider and the cockie was the best 👍😎

Datu Hijan Datu Panjungan says:


Jimmy Brown says:

I never knew these other sorts of animals liked this, I only thought it were cats (meows) that liked lasers? Cool video

Shaun Blyth says:

the funniest part was always when my cat tried to grab the laser with its front paws is Aha! got you! wait how did you get on top of my paws?

Jesse Pinkman says:

How noah got two of every animal on the ark

Jay Knight says:

The horse too?!? Lmao

Jeremy The Inkling says:

Was that a Cockatoo playing the laser?? CRIKEY

Michael Farrell says:

I may be five years late…


Mr2 ICY says:

What’s next autistic kid try’s to catch red dot

Marami Marami says:

The Perot was best so slow and funny it's trying to hold the laser

Lps OceanBreeze says:

Wait..a spider is an…animal? 😂

Filthy Dubbbz says:

Clickbait thumbnail. Wasn't in the video.

AC 13 says:

We had a pest problem. I used the laser to Target bugs for the geckos.

da gwyn says:

Sdfgh, pobrecitos, jaja. :33

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