BEST ANIMALS OF 2018 Pt. 2 | Funny Pet Videos

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It’s the end of the year, so what better way to celebrate 2018 than with a recap of some of our favorite clips throughout the year. Don’t forget to check out part 1!

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卫随德 says:

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Animal Present says:

Please tell me what to do on the channel because I also take care of over 40 dogs and 100 cats, please tell me because I am new and subscribed to you but my videos have no subscribers or views at all

pamela porter says:

Pamela Porter I feel down or stressed I can watch these animals and they make me laugh. So cute and funny!


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Tony Kruy says:

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Animal Present says:

I have the weakest Youtube channel with cats ,,, ha ha

jaylen detorres says:

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Fe Maranda says:

Both cats and dogs are super adorable 🥰

Animals have a pure heart ❤

John Ponce says:

Wow! So cool <3

Pets world says:

so very cute

honeyhorizons says:

The hamster eating at the table with plates and bowls, is so freaking adorable , that is something i would do.

Eleanor Sue Eisnaugle says:

Too bad some of the people don’t know how to work a camera

shalisa lyles says:

hahahahahahahahahhahahhahahhhah that is so funny dude

patty fung says:

super cute!


How beautiful ALLAH created these animals mashallah😊

Kyōko Kodoku says:

Adorable ❤️

Dan Nunya says:

the clip with the cat snooping around the blanket is the best. the dog peeks his head out and starts lookin around like "what's going on out there?" the cat just hides out of view.

Pulvertoastmann says:

is it itting when the same Animal torures the same Animal the same Animal with the same Animal in the AnimalSHUTTTUUPPPPPP

Cecelia Davis says:

I love the animal videos. If you feel blue and need a pickup;they do help. Not just the humor ,the interaction between the animals is touching.

Funny Pets Moments says:

I think you are very loving🥰🥰

20abracadabra12 says:

You mustnot give PASTA to dogs………

Funny Pets Moments says:

Both cats and dogs are super adorable 🥰

Animals have a pure heart ❤

HiYa Pal says:

Wow, what animals must endure, from the ignorance of most humans.

Rosie Beardshaw says:

Please don't dress cats they hate being clothed.

Kenrick Leung says:

19:38 or do you wanna do….. coke ?
thats what i heard

Kay Babatunde says:

lmaooo crazy entertaining!

dana kowalczyk says:

Thanks I lodge it

Sherri Wisnieski says:

Why would they give popcorn to sheep it’s not good for them

Michael Mendillo says:

The cat waking the dog up under the blanket ! Hahaha !!!!! 😂😂😂

Wabbit says:

15:57 I understand it’s just a baby but I’m kind of upset because of this but I guess the baby doesn’t know that it bothers

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