Animals with SWAG

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It’s not just humans that can have swag, animals can have it too. Did they learn it from us? Or were they born with it?

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👉Animals have swag.. think, feel and love.. like us! Thank you to these insta authors that captured this. Credit goes to: @cutedogsrweer, @dwayne_dolittle, @puppyp0st, @pupsfun, @soumwild, @birb_meme, @planetwildlifeanimals, @dog_loveeerrrr, @trashcobar,, @1classlifestyle, @huskystagrams, @babyanimalshq, @wildlifeoftravelers. Please follow them if you love animals! Email me at for requests like song ID, credit correction, clip submission and removal.

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Please enjoy:)

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Sarai Gonzalez says:

Jajajaja 😂

Sophie Damdinsuren says:

The last one was feeeling It lmaooo

POV NW says:

3:49; This would be funny with that song from Flash Dance😹

Trevor Williams says:

I can't get over the bear it is yo good

Jiby Joy says:

1.5k Dislikes. But Why..?

R P says:

Usually not into these kinds of videos but this was good

Math Quik says:

where is the thumbnail /dislike

Crystal Driscoll says:


Nilesh Balvantrao says:

Dog and Cats lover like hear 😄😄😄👍👍👍👍👍

Seden Ben says:

Beyonce birdy and twerking dog are my favorites🤩🤩

keki KNFS says:

Hi the video was very cute

Explore Around says:

Hey i'm new in youtube. Plz help me by subscribing my channel

Esad Musiic says:

Dislike for the dog riding behind the motorcycle with no safety besides goggles….

W. L. Orodor Calaerchon says:

Max. swag for each animal:
0:00 Cat swag
0:05 Parrot swag
0:30 Dog swag
1:13 Otter swag
1:23 Pigeon swag
2:57 What was meant as a group's swag turned into a 1-goose swag.
3:34 Beer–I mean, Bear swag (said beer because I think someone's had a lil' too much last night)
3:49 Gorilla swag
4:05 Squirrel swag

Jorge Gonçalves says:

SENSACIONAIS!!! Eu já os amava agora então AMO MAIS AINDA!!
Que Deus os Proteja pq tem mta gente ruim por aí. Em nome de Jesus, Amém!!

Kermit The Frog says:

1:13 Lmaooo 😂😂❤️


The last bird was super depressed losing its feathers needs a new home.

Vanessa Louis says:

Omg that dog moving to Spanish music is so funny

I D K says:

My friend at school at music class on Friday I think he beatboxed black diamond

I D K says:

3:35 wen u see a bear running but like dis:

Galaxy Queen says:

Who at least dance with one the animals 😂

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