Animals Making Funny Sounds And Noises – Funny Animal Compilation

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Money Forlife says:

the donkey sounds like someone killing it in minecraft 1:06

Risa Haynes says:

The dog at the beginning and the bird and the horse and the donkey scare me but the cat is adorable and the baby tiger is soo cute the bull dog is terrifying the sleeping dog that’s idk growling is cute the parrot is laughing about somethin the husky is singing the freaking goat is hailarious the cat at the end is my favorite tho

Makayla_sksk says:

SOOO FUNNY omg like at 1:30 the owner was like DUN DUN DUN DUN DUN and the cat was like Licking and meowing at the same time and the cat was also like nskjbidbifbihbdihbshvshubihejhytuneojijhsihbduhvjhbxhvsughwunijhjsj XD I CANT I CANT ITS SO FUNNY

Face Reality says:

1:03 what my husband sounds like when we're getting it on lol

Face Reality says:

0:30 demon possessed bird 👿

CreeperCraft says:

I wish I had a harmless baby lion that would be a baby forever. And would only attack if hurt or threatened. 👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾

Tesla fan 2009 gamer Anima Tronic fan says:


Сонька Малявка says:

Жи–ши пиши с буквой "и"😉

Siemmone Toby says:

At 3:30 I was like (that's a normal noise that dogs make) then I heard the noise after it and I was like never mind then

nyadere BS says:

1:03 it's me when im angry

Jakalip 006 says:

Кто хочет секс со мной позвоните 0771004326

Brande Wood and family says:

1:34 *cat turns into a baby*

Gseric47 says:

0:33 just let it all out little buddy, we're here for you 🙁

Michael Memmelaar says:

1:56 That freaking goat kills me!!!!

BW E says:

That husky should be on Britain’s got talent

Mike Sandberg says:

hahaha it’s so funny 😆 can you tell the cat 🐈 say I Sam funny 😆

Aizere Serikova says:


Get-The-Lead-Out.45 says:

at 4:20 …. is all seriousness, is there such a thing as actual retardation in animals? Again being seriousness and not trying to make some type of joke or cut-down

jabrown1978 says:

Yo this brought tears to my eyes 😂 😂

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