SNAKES Can Be SO CUTE – Funny Snake Pets Videos Vines COMPILATION 2017

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No, snakes aren’t evil and bloodthirsty creatures. Yes, snakes can make great pets ! They are fascinating, and can also be cute when they are drinking water, watching TV, yawning or trying to dig into carpets !
For those who suffer from ophidiophobia, your fear of snakes will float away when you see these adorable little faces !

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00:00 – 00:34 : Video by Jenny Gaines

00:34 – 01:31 : “Cornflake the most adorable Burmese Python ever”
Video by drthik1 :
If you like snakes, check out his awesome channel:

01:31 – 02:06 : Video by Eiram

02:06 – 03:15 : Video by TheeLifeOfBob

03:15 – 04:11 : Video by Sam Quigley

04:11 – 04:48 : Video by stephizzle55

04:48 – 05:13 : Video by Z3roFS

05:13 – 06:15 : Video by Thamnophis Sirtalis

06:15 – 06:57 : Video by vitranc

06:57 – 07:40 : Video by Sophie Dufort

07:40 – 08:33 : Video by samason08’s channel

08:33 – 09:13 : Video by deerlord

09:13 – 09:57 : Video by 1softkiss

09:57 – 10:42 : Video by TheeLifeOfBob

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Mr Logical says:


Sir Ghostington says:

Lil snek 😍

TheFinalFrontiersman says:

I didn't realize a snake could actually sip water…

Redzilla: God of the Monsters says:

I don’t see how people are afraid of these little guys.

Jay says:

I’m only a kid and I want a pet snake

My Parents would think I’m crazy if I asked for one

Gail Johnson says:

He protecc
He attac

But most importantly

He like to slither down my bacc

ForestChild says:

the amount of times I booped the screen when big albino snek boi came out-

Sai Ren says:

The only snake I never liked was my ex-girlfriend.

Jessica Matrow says:

Once I got to hold a snake about the size of me in the middle of petco. It was heavier than I expected but awesome and made me want a snake even more lol parents still won’t let me get one. My family are snake lovers but we already have so many pets.

Neil Clayton says:

2:53 When you wereing an oversized shirt and you finally get your head through

Kaiden 897. says:

0:34 danger noodle

Jakub Korec says:

who likes snakes let him like

Party Demon says:

I’m trying to convince my mom to get me a snake and this is the perfect video thank you

Allison Wyckoff says:

Snakes are straight up the best. Look up “pied ball python” you won’t regret it

Jim Herbert Outdoors says:

If you KEPT WATER DISHES in the snake tanks, they wouldnt act so damn thirsty when you give them water to drink. Way to make an animal suffer for a youtube clip. POOR OWNERSHIP.

*cries in potato language* says:

Me friend is afraid of snakes

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