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Here are some of the cutest and funniest animal videos that we’ve seen this month! For more details on these funny and cute dogs, cows, hamsters and more see the description below!

Elderly Man Makes Sure His Dog Doesn’t Get Wet

Dog Gives The Cutest Smile When His Dad Comes Home
Footage provided by ViralHog: (

Cows Run for Cookies
Footage provided by Caters TV:

Big Dog Attempts To Fit Into Small Dog Bed
Footage provided by ViralHog: (

Baby Kangaroo Bedtime
Footage provided by ViralHog: (

This Dog Loves Belly Rubs And Isn’t Afraid To Say So
Special thanks to Meredith Mullooly for the adorable video! For more, visit:

This Bat Is So Tiny and Adorable
Batzilla The Bat via Storyful

Dog Siblings Are Obsessed With Balloons
For more of this adorable duo, check them out on Instagram:

Tiny Hamster Enjoys A Snack In A High Chair
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This Cat Is All Of Us In The Winter
For more of Merlin the “angry” cat, check him out on Instagram: and on Facebook:

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The Dodo says:

Which video was your favorite?! Tell us in the comments below!

Violet Flowerriver says:

Mine was the Awesome aussie!!! Im aussie

boxertest says:

that cat at the end LOL someone pissed it off LOL

Xx RangoNLevi06 xX says:

Naaa he’s just making sure his food doesn’t get soggy

Adria Castle says:

lol the grumpy cat

•Mįłk Čhõc & Śtråwbērrïėš• says:


dangreaux jerome says:

never tired of your dogs videos

bx Z says:

Ballon Ball Champs!! 🎈🏐

green playzgames says:

we have our selves a nw grumpy cat

Jekku says:

that cat at 5:00 looks like Doc Martin! LOL

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