Husky Dog Reacts to Butterfly Landing on Her + Cute Animal Videos | The Dodo Top 5

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This Husky had no idea how to react when this butterfly landed on her head! So Pure!! Love Animals? Subscribe:

Butterfly Hangs Out On Dog’s Nose

Woman Sings To Her Foster Kitten
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Dog Just Wants His Favorite Person To Get Up
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These Dogs Understand What The Weekend Is For
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Family Of Ducks Break Into Guy’s House
Special thanks to James Prettyman for this delightful video.

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Skippy Dinglechalk says:

the huskies head


Jennie Kelly says:

I love the dog trying to wake up the little girl. His tail wagging so vigorously, even when he sat on it, it was still wagging. So darn cute!!

Golden Pig says:

Poor dog,he's scared

Qiuji B says:

Oh my goodness! The dog’s eyes are cross! So cute!

AlexTCreeper YT says:

He looks so scared 😂😭
Also why do they even flap their wings when they land??? 🤔

robert credle says:

monarch butterfly?

PeRuN the Riffmeister says:

That tail wagging (~0:50) made my day!

Janine Silverlance says:

She's so gentle and kind 🐺🌸

Ashlee Caterson says:

Lol 😂 the butterfly and the husky

QUAG says:

That doggo reached nirvana

Dee Lammert says:

Awww… ur videos are always awesome

Hana Clapp says:

That poor butterfly it’s left wing is broken.

RowdyRaginRosco - says:

Pets are so sweet and precious people who hurt animals need to be sent out to sea with a leaky boat

John Rife says:

Abcdem itty bitty ducks?

Abelis says:

Restores my affection for Huskies… but not by much…
A Husky, who had a real moron for a human mind you, killed my cat…
Broke her back…
In my kitchen…
In front of me…
Before I even had time to react that the monster had run in…
Because the moronic human beeatch owner apparently did not know how to close a door…
Or know how control of her killer…
Or even jump on it… dumbass…

Durpness Sucks says:

I got an ad about dogs before the video started

life is love says:

Sooooooooooooo cute and adorable…

nick garner says:

"MooooooooooooooOOOOOOOmMMMM get it off…."

BraverJoe says:

This dog is so dangerous!

mikrokupu says:

Every summer several Huskies get paralyzed by butterflies

MissCeo3000 says:

"Bagel" is such a cute name for a kitty🥰

Panagiotis Doxopoulos says:

you were still just a puppy…

Елена Петрова says:


TekiNoKami says:

Doge: "Help meh. HELP. MEH" xD

Golf 18 says:

That's not a butterfly it's my tiara and I'm a princess

Shree Nation says:

Can we just admit that the duck mommy is kindaaaaaaa slow?

Rose are rose says:

Awwwww the dog is so cute❤❤❤❤❤

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