Funny Parrots Videos Compilation cute moment of the animals – Cutest Parrots #3

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0:55 when u sighed up for a show on public and when it ur turn u go sing and when the results are in u win! Like if u like meh comment plz.
Edit: and can i get 20 likes lz ty

Karla Reyes says:

Mi periquito se me murió 😭😭😭
Like si no quisieras que se te muera o se enferme

kdo chce vidí says:

Thank You:D

Mehdi Gurbanov says:

It is so nice to have parrots )) Thanks for nice videos ))) Like

strawberry milk says:


Owner: can I have a kiss?


Julie Baggett says:


Bran Michael says:

0:54 bouncing cotton candy puff!!

Bran Michael says:

That cockatoo's workin that hat

Aurora Lopez says:

Soooooo ccuuuuuuuuuute💛💙💜💚💙💛💜💚💙💜💚💛💜💙💚💛💙💚💛❤💙💚💜💛💙💚💛💜💙💚💜💛💚💛💙💜💛💙💚💜💛💙💚💜💛💚💙💜💙💚💜💛💙💙💚💜💛💙💜💚💛💙💚❤💛💙💛💚💜

Ангелина Прудникова says:


Damian Wayne says:

0:01 The Joker 😂

يوسف الصديق says:


alyce IA says:

So cute 😆😆

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