Funny Parrots Videos Compilation cute moment of the animals – Cute Parrots #11

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Funny Parrots Videos Compilation cute moment of the animals – Cute Parrots #11

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Agent Fox94 says:

1:06 is basically me raging in fortnite LOL 😂

Caroline Görtz says:

Haha, that cockatiel at 7.12 was such a cute wierdo!

Zhiyuan Ke says:

8:42 squirrel with a beak 😂

Desmond Wooley says:

0:20 I want a bird like that!

Plate Idiot says:

Parrots are the cutest birds in existence 💖💖💖

Aa I says:

So amaaaaaaaaazing!

Burnell Scott says:

Awww owwwwo

Gavin Ozment says:

So cute! Pls pin my comment!

Heba Sulaiman says:


This is so funny😂😂

Virgínia Rodriguez Silva says:


bialyJ says:

I had a parrot when i was a child, she was a motherfucker and she was biting me all the time. But still parrots are nice overall

Hello Hello says:

Wow best vid

Dariany Chavez says:

LOVE❤😘💞😍 🐦🐦

Sony Sony says:


FeatherFall AJ says:

Hey guys! I need budgie help. We got our bird on Christmas day. Ever since then, when ever we stick our hand in the cage he fly's around the cage crazy! We haven't clipped his wings since we are scared to get him out of the cage. How do we not make him fear us?

Julien Prévost says:

That macaw was about to be sorted in Gryffindor and that yellow ringneck in hufflepuff

pzouhy says:

I love parrots

sleepy cookie says:

( ͡°³ ͡°) you'll never know

Prabha Patel says:

Wait no views? Impossible

Timur BAYRAK says:

0.27 ooo it is so cute

Maria Shamim says:

youtube is drunk again

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