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江圓圓 says:


Horror From Below says:

A goat on a train?

[[٭𖤍٭سـّـِيـفــَۦۨۦۨ آلـولـۦۨـۨــۦۨۦۨـيـد٭𖤍٭]] says:


Bego López says:

9:25 FOUR LEAF CLOVER !! Lucky goat!

ALaurel Jordan says:

There's a reason we humans call our children kids—they're identical.
Gosh, I miss having my goatherd!

antonela bakavic says:

They are such a cute and funny animals. When I was a little kid my grandparents lives in a country side and had cows, oigs, chickens and goats. But, I was too young and too stupid to know and ti appreciate how great life they had with all those animals
Later, I got to love animals so very much that my biggest wish now is to buy a small farm and to keep as much animals as I can…and goats ofocourse.

Mariam K Uddin says:

Thanks for the fantastic goats and other animals, too funny, lol

Mariam K Uddin says:

If you want waking massage on your back , get a goat, , its fan,

Mariam K Uddin says:

Best comedy cats , goats in animal kingdom,lol,

Connie McFeely says:

Sweet 💕 thanks for sharing

Broken Heart says:

Don't you yell to your mother


0:08 ohhh… you know what you gotta do now, there's no turning back!!! Get a cat and a chicken along for the ride!
0:18 rude little bundle of fluff… XD
0:42 you know how the story goes… the wolf blew the house down! Little did people know that it was the mischievous baby goat trashing around the roof that brought the houses down!
2:01 this must be the cutest cannibalism attempt

McAVIT Yourway says:

When I saw the title, I thought You must be Kidding!

Rebecky style says:

Come and you will be come rich and happy

TOP 1 in everything says:

Goat on the donkey lol 😹😻😹

Rebecky style says:

first, come, I have a surprise for you ☺

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