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Everybody loves watching cute and funny goats. Come and join us for this brand new compilation brought to you by Funny Pet Videos

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Adrianna Webb says:

Dude 0:30 is cruel. Dont record the poor guy help him. The goat was clearly in distress.

Greta b says:

The first clip must have been painful, while at the second clip the person that took the video and laughed should have called a doctor instead. Sorry, I'm out. I do love goats a lot. But I also do respect animals in general, that's why I just cannot laugh about their pain. How can people find that entertaining!?!

Allison Colby says:

Some of these seemed like a drunken woman laughing at cruel sh_t she allowed to happen which is more mean than funny. Good thing there were some clips that actually were.

Slow Neutron says:



I worked on a ranch that had a petting zoo with a pair of pygmy goats. In the winter, we built a makeshift pen for them in the barn. Every night they'd find an escape route, poo all up and down the barn isle, and pull apart the hay bales set out for the next morning. We'd chase them down (they're quick little buggers!), try to sort out how they got out, and cover the spot with plywood. By the end of the winter, the entire freaking pen was encased and they were STILL escaping.

Goats are the worst. XD

Cal Gal says:

Goats are the funniest creatures….so entertaining ❤️

gil wood says:

I have two babies and a mama …Please do not laugh and keep filming when they are distressed …They are the sweetest babies ever

Władca Wymiaru says:

First video: idiot laugh from little goat that have brain disease…

f0rgg13 says:

Was that one goat having a seizure?

Shannon Cane says:

Goats have good set of teeth ….😂🌿🌴🌾🐐🐐…..

Sarah Fisher says:

Reading most of these comments has really left me scratching my head. What's funny/cute about a goat screaming in distress, being filmed instead of being helped out of the distressing situation it's in? What's funny about deliberately scaring the f*ck out of an animal, making it fall over (because it absolutely can't help it) and then laughing your head off while filming it? Have I missed something? There are a lot of beautiful animals in this vlog, but some of the clips are actually sad and not funny. The way we treat animals says a lot about the person and our society.
"The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way in which its animals are treated". Mahatma Gandhi.
Some of these people need to rethink their priorities.


I love Goats!

Raven359 says:

0:30 trying to carry teams
Everyone felt that

Adrian Solis says:

The video on the minute 7.30 looks very creepy!!

CT Parselo says:

Watching animals in pain is not cute or funny.

Sharon Vaughn says:

7:19 White Goat Chasing Dirt

rajib chowdhury says:

Mother fucker why that male goat carry so weight and long cart God will give in hell

Richard Smith says:

Tennessee fainting goats have a genetic disorder that causes muscle stiffness when they get startled or excited. They don't actually faint… they just go stiff and fall over 🙂
The myotonia that causes 'fainting' makes them extra muscular, and makes their meat taste better.

J Wilcox says:

Well the first 45 seconds or so is all about suffering and trauma. Put yourself in their shoes and see if it happened to you would you think it was funny while being hurt/scared? 6:43 a little boy fell off that metal ramp and it looked like he hit it then fell to the ground. Can't watch anymore that is bizarre how many people get bored and find pain and suffering to be funny. Yeah right.

Lady Wolf says:

@B I C T H ..

Patrick Hutson says:

I don't make sense the person that has his dog chained to a tree and the goats are just roaming free you don't deserve to have a dog

KK Bing says:

0:31 Sounds like my  mother-in-law when she doesn't get enough attention.

Arizona Snowman says:

looked at it again still not funny 😔

Ken Jackson says:

9:56 I empathize.

P Dias says:

Goats are very beautiful animals. Takes me back to my childhood.

Jason Voorhees says:

The other animals are so patient with the babies crawling all over them and jumping on their backs. I guess even the animal kingdom loves baby goats LOL

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