Cutest Baby Shark Happy Shark Funny Shark Cute Baby Animals Reaction

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Cutest Baby Shark Happy Shark Funny Shark Toy Shark
“It got views cause people thought it was real”
“That is real shark 🦈”
“”OH MY SUPER CUTE OMG 🙊 🙊 🙊 IT SOOOOO CUTE AHHHH I want to hug it so much!!!!!! Ahhhhh wit is that real??? 😕😕😮😮 if its a toy we’re do you buy it,???? Case it solo cuteeeeee!!!!!! 😝😝😝”
“The shark is edited and is not real.look close up when he touches the shark”
“Is the shark real because I have never seen a shark survive without water”
“Its a fake shark -_- its out of water, if it was real it would be dead by now ._.”

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Beatrice Laubach says:


EmilioPlayz 67 says:

Awww it's cute

electric gamer 3 says:

This is fake

Unicorn_Dominic_Ariana ! says:

I never thought I would ever think a shark is ever cute!

ShellyBelly Smith says:

It's animated..

But everyone else think it's real 😂

Alizz Luz says:

Genial!! 😅

Chi hin Kwan says:

So cute >.<

ʌɐı ʇnɯɐ uo ɔn says:

Que viagem mano kkkk

kent vincent wijaya says:


Samia Begum says:

Are these sharks even REAL???and how can they breathe

Taj Powery says:

That’s not a real shark because it can’t breath out of water

feonia decambra says:

🚪didn't run

Doug Caveny says:

this looks photoshop

Elias Holding eagle says:

Is that a real shock is that just an edit because sharks can’t be out of water because they have to be in water could be able to breeze with the

Carson Lane says:

Is it a robot?

Christian Meyers says:

It’s not a shark I know

K the gamer boy 831 says:

That’s fake were is the water

Bendo The ink demon says:

Shark life no water included
Me: okay~

Itsgamergirl aj says:


Jafet Aguirre says:

Shakira Shakira Shakira

it's a time to shine which Amy Ella Montes says:

baby shark dododo baby shark

Zer o says:

Cool but fake

joshua titus says:

Shark is so cute 😍

Sarai Cano says:

thats a fake shark because if a shark wasen't in the water it will die

Murphy Villaluz says:

Is this really a shark?

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