Cutest animal sounds – Funny and cute animal compilation

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Animals, especially baby animals, can make very cute sounds and noises. Just listen how all this puppies bark and howl, how kittens meow, noises of cute baby goats, ducks and so on. Sooo cuteee!! 😛 Hope you like our compilation, please share it and SUBSCRIBE! Watch also our other videos!

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Maria Paslaru says:

Now i know broken/glitched furby sound is from a squirrel..

Cinthia Itza says:

Nothing, nothing beats puppy animals, they are soooo adorable!!!

KennyIsClumsy says:

I bet you your friends that are female will have a chance to search this…

Heidi Rucki says:

The innocence of the little ones

Potato WaterMelon says:

I can make the cutest sound ARGHhH aaAaaaaaAaaa EEeEE BLAH BLah

Frisk Dreemurr says:

4:29 Angry Asriel confirmed!

Dark Bit says:

awwww it’s so cute

Olivia Archer says:

My pet Tarantula, her name is Cinnamon, and I love her to death!!!! I just can't shut up about animals today, can I? Actually, Cinnamon's an arachnid. There's too many things in this world to love, like dragonflies and butterflies. Such sweet, innocent little creatures.

Olivia Archer says:

Oh and BTW, everyone needs to look up baby rats on Google. SO ADORBS. I'm really chatty about animals.

Olivia Archer says:

We have a pet pig, a hamster, and a tarantula. My mom said then we are getting a rat after the hamster passes and I am getting baby chickens. Charlotte's Web at our house? Oh yeah! And if the rat goes in my bedroom, his name is the one and only…wait for it…wait for it….ready? Templeton. Oh, yes.

Olivia Archer says:

I Love kittens and puppies. I also LOVE Baby chickens and sling Tarantulas. I love all nature. Except for Daddy Long Legs and Millipedes. Oh my gosh, baby chickens cheeping for ten hours straight? Yes, I'm in.

EmeryGorden34 1 says:

That squirrel looks like it pegnant

EmeryGorden34 1 says:


the horse girl 11 says:

This is so cute

SunBunz says:

I think they need a [TRIGGER WARNING] for videos like this: Symptoms include:

Uncontrollable urges to cry happy tears, burst so many “Awwwwwwws” your cheeks hurt very badly, urge to SQUEEZE something small and adorable, urge to punch a wall, etc.

Bassam Austin says:

The cutest one is the cat

Wolf Cartoons says:


horseylover123 allen says:

3:16 i hear that sound all the time cause i have a pet squirrel

*-smøl nuggetz-* says:

Awwwweeee the animals are so sweet

the lucky Lucy Lilly show says:

3:41 it's the kitten from meow

the lucky Lucy Lilly show says:

1:59 they do not belong on a stove

the lucky Lucy Lilly show says:

The first one 😞😣😭 ahh it's to cute

Lazy banana says:

Now, my testosterone is equal to a women 🤣🤣🤣🤣

ღkєndαllღ кк. says:

I almost died

Lillian L says:

The dog sounds like a cute whining. Super adorable!

Wolf Cartoons says:

aww ….. my dad also loved the dogs 😻

Madlenn330 says:

Here is another beautiful calming video about sheep.
It is very interesting to look at their faces. They look so much like people!

Bethany Folsom The wolf says:

I once held a newborn kitten!

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