Cute Parrots Videos Compilation cute moment of the Parrots – Cutest Animals! #2

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Carl Angelo Quiliza says:

Girls: Hello!
Birb: Y E S

Julia Freitas says:

Hola como esta o Birb

Tanya's corner says:

My cocktail bird just died today..

mike przybylo says:

are there audio issues???

Shishi Wonderlands says:

Is that a undertale theme at 1:07

Simon Duperron says:


Matt Wick says:

Lol the Addams family one

CITI Artist says:

The face you make when your comes in the room with the belt 4:30

Shahab says:

1:52 🤣🤣🤣

anna kak says:

1:13 мимими 😆😆😆

Melanie Plays - I do GLMVs and more! says:


Echo Solaris says:

Me after my dad suggested to give the tv a TeeVee Snack

Gamer Boi says:

When parrots act lik human

ClashMan 209 says:

I love birds they’re so cute 🦜🦚🦃🐓🦆🦅🦉🐥🐔🐧🐦🐤

Esther Miller says:

Why are these budgies being referred to as parrots???

Ahmet Z Sekban says:

i <3 birds

Pauletta Brooks says:

Wait what is that black thing at 6:12

alejandro sanchezherrerias says:


Vivian Shao says:

The peekaboo parrots r my favorite it's just soo adorable!

JaneDark94 says:

0:42 thats how ninjas kiss 😀

Bri and Syd says:

4:27 they were meant to be.. together…

動画無しでチャンネル登録者数[10000]人チャレンジ says:

It’s cute!

Cristopher Castro Salas says:

5:53 Bananatiel

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