Cute baby animals Videos "Cat catch Jerry" Cutest Animals #77

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Cutest Animals #77

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Mario Angel says:

Awww,I can't choose which one is my favorite!

Rachel Lalite says:

People these days are so soft and sensitive about everything geez

sorri. angela.1 says:

At 3:30 i started crying bc i had one of them and it died

WolfRose Gaming says:

3:47 Kyle jenner lip challenge gone wrong

Animal Planet Ever says:

They are so funny

Merida Disney says:


keddache sonia says:

Ooo la-la …. 😘😍😍😍😍💥

Erdi TV says:

Me trying to do gymnastics😂😂

bb the princess sparkle unicorn says:

The man shouting at the dog is horrible they deserve better 😠😠😠😠😠😢😢😢😢😢

marti-unicornio martina says:


Kelly O'Keefe says:

I usually rewatch cute video compilations a few times but the guy yelling at the mama dog stopped me. I don’t even want to forward through it. Should never have been included in this comp…can it be edited out? Or make his head a poo emoji?


They are super

Sofia Chan says:

3:51 sigue aqui tomandose otro trago 😅

Brooke McKinley says:

What is that adorable little creature @6:50?!?! 😍😍😍

Brooke McKinley says:

@ 3:15 —That’s MY dogs too!! My big dog actually prefers the smaller bed, same with their crates. But the little one is the boss/bully in all other aspects 🤦🏻‍♀️ 😂

T`colinmark says:

кто дизлайки ставит???

Nancy Bernard says:

The only one that I couldn't figure out was the Asian man screaming at the Retriever while she was trying to protect her puppy! Not knowing the language, it looked as if the poor Retriever was upset, not knowing what this man was doing while she protected her baby. He should be ashamed the way he intimidated that poor dog. I pray that isn't the case, and that I am just reading this the wrong way.

Alla Veles says:

why would ppl stress animals for video, i love animal videos, this one is horrifying, nothing cute , forcing babies to howl. poor animals , yell at mom who protect her baby, what is this? why would you upload this? your video should reflect cute animals not abused animals- unsubscribed, screw u !!!

Kittie Kat says:

Is it possible? I'm laughing and crying at the same time.

Антонина кузьминская says:

Японец козел! Зарядить бы ему зарядкой в харю! Орет как резанный на собачку маму!

Hannah Carson says:

I so want to be that guy laying down being burried in puppies!

Михаил Иванов says:

Ok !

Lucija Stefanic says:

Lepo vam ker imate take živali

Елена Лазарева says:


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