Cute Baby Animals Living In Zoo Compilation 2015 [NEW HD VIDEO]

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Truth Seeker says:

4:40 is playing for tiger but the poor monkey was scared. It is animal abuse.

Mike Kallas says:

toys for us

LD LD says:

When I see something like this ,I think humans are terrible !!

LD LD says:

It's so sad to see these baby animals without their mother , some of them .

Nonya Bidness says:

Justin 48689

Poisoned bottle says:

Momkeys remind me of my little sister πŸ˜‚

Elna Bjelland-Hughes says:

I would like to see the baby animals with the mothers babies are adorable but their surroundings in the first part of the video could be cleaner. More hay On the floor is would’ve been nicer .

Philipp E says:

its sad Because u Know They Spend The Rest of their Whole life in a Little Cage πŸ™

Rachel Martinez says:


pl. pat Drozd says:


Jennifer Kendall says:

Only monsters could dislike this

Crap I Lost says:

Tigers and Lions. Cutest wild animals of all time!

shraddha bodas says:

Cubs are tooo you.

Justin Hatfield says:

did anyone else notice the living conditions though.

Justin Hatfield says:

did anyone else notice the living conditions though.

Cybertoy says:

derpy tiger cub in the video

David Castell says:

cute and a bit creepy but mostly ccute

juan correa says:

esta genial el video, super bello

Benjamin Brodeur Mathieu says:

omg so adorbz lulz omgz heart eyes emoji kawaii

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