Cute And funny horse Videos Compilation cute moment of the horses – Cutest Horse #3

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Taylor_Eventing 1 says:

Anyone noticed that one of the ‘horses’ was a goat!

Most Likely Obsessed says:

A lot of Jesse Drent here lol

Chester PH says:

Go search Rodeo Horse and see how miserable they are compare to this

Heloisa Rachel says:

Já vi quase todos os vídeos

Lintufani says:

Lovely video!

my and the hors love Ariana grande says:

Hooooooô so cute

Maisy Creates says:

Matte harnakke was in it

Xx_ bunny _xX says:

1:09 me and the story of my life

Pug Lover says:

1:39 That horse is a good kisser xD

Roger Curez says:

Il a un cheval qui galope et qui sort sa b*** dans la neige

BEGONEEE Future says:

To the people I know will come saying 7:29 is abuse- it’s not. If the horse wanted to stop it would. It’s a 1000 pound animal, we can’t force it to do anything. They willingly stayed up that long.

Kim Gerlach says:

7:12 kanzi dissli

Anna Kaminski says:

All these horses are beautiful!

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