Cute And funny horse Videos Compilation cute moment of the horses Cutest Horse #21

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Pony 321 says:

I love horsies

Dianne M. says:

Wow so big and beautiful horses 👍😍💋

ella simpson says:

stop making all these hat comments if you have nothing nice to say don't say anything like if u agree~~~~~~

Redpilled_Tuber says:

Horses look like they haven't been properly designed by nature. Were they a quirk or hybrid somewhere back in the million years ago? They seem strangely awkward animals.

Redpilled_Tuber says:

This music appears on all YouTube channels. what is it called?
it annoys me, but i have to know what its called

Birgit Palka says:

Nur Wiederholungen!!😵

S K says:

Repeat, repeat and another repeat. Stretching that video out to 10 minutes by repeating videos gets you an unsubscribe.

Halina Polatynska says:

Cudowne koniki , duże i małe

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