Cute And funny horse Videos Compilation cute moment of the horses Cutest Horse #15

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Cute And funny horse Videos Compilation cute moment of the horses Cutest Horse #15

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Kohta AOSHIMA says:

I love horses!

Monika Ciegowski says:

some of those are animal abuse and not animals so cute.

human ! says:

Now I wanna start riding again! These are such pretty horses

Molosse Performance dressage compétition says:

Il y a des moments drôles et en plus les chevaux ils sont super beaux et puis j'ai adoré le cheval blanc quand il relève sa crinière et aussi le cheval noir

Betty Clark says:

Absolutely beautiful horses

Derek Short says:

Frisian be like I’m fancier than you lady

Jasna Jardas says:

A horse is my dream

héléna BARONE says:

So cute horse #ylovehorse

Johanna Gaumond says:

horses good

Andre Luiz says:

Lindos mas que pena que chudeiam os animais

#1 Horse Productions says:

pole on ground
sso horse: 6:53

Angela Slattery says:

Theyre all beautifull but all poor!

Angela Slattery says:

Poor horses 😭😭

Childish Error says:

1:22 disgusting over-bred

Sunny Sunshine says:

im in loved in the horse now even im scared of the horse kicking thats my nightmare

Nova Jälmestedt says:

Lov horses♥️🐴

Nala Love says:

At 2:20 that video wasn’t cute or funny

Charlotte Zetapus Eng says:

Not all are so "cute"… some of them horses are stressed or the human without control :-/ and that one arab – bred to look like a cartoon figure. Sad

Yocha P says:

Poor horses…

Genevieve Jorski says:

Dying for that Fresian 4:07

Jaylene Hopwood says:

Me trying to do anything in life 5:236:12

Izzie Lizzie Mc. Fizzy says:

Just like my dog when I turn on the hose lol

tiger owo says:

2;22 is actually amazing! no bits needed!! 😁😁

Edina Várkonyi says:

Nagyon cukik!!

Bri&Jut Rowe says:

Who else thought that the black Clydesdale was prettier than you yourself

Billie O'Connell Austria BILLISH says:

0:09 schreit der da hinten so "laaanggsaaam" 😂😂

dino guan says:

I love horse very much

Dove Cameron Jr says:

0:45 that horse is soooo pretty

Creative Thinking Tools says:

Love the videos they are so cute! Check out our How To Draw Horses Series <3 <3 <3

else paucken says:

wunder Schöne Pferde

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