Cute And funny horse Videos Compilation cute moment of the horses – Baby animals #24

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Cute And funny horse Videos Compilation cute moment of the horses – Baby animals #24

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Debra Gonzales says:

that cat is probably thinking, great I have horse Amibas all over me.

Jonas Palo says:


Lisa Foster says:

Finally, one that DOESN'T make me cringe. Hoping that Tennessee Walker wasn't sored, but you can't tell from just this video.

Mareka Gimre says:


Rou Zah says:

3:42 wow smart horse! It inspected the bridge and by the "looks" of it the bridge looks brittle (you can see through and see the river underneath it and it is made with thin wood) so it choose the safer path! It knew a fall from that height might be fatal since a broken leg for horses is their death sentence in nature.

Of course as an animal it doesn't know that underneath the wood the bridge is probably strengthened with steel support – because it doesn't understand steel. But it knows wood and brittle thin wood! A dumb animal would just walked over it, just like many humans would drive with their car over it, not inspecting first if the wooden bridge would actually hold their car weight.

Horses have reasonable instincts and there is a reason they fear or avoid certain things, like being often scared from leaches on the ground. It reminds them of snakes. And these type of bridge accidents happen often:

You see this horse is not stupid. A lot of times horses get beaten to cross such bridges by humans who don't care about the animal's rightful instincts.

3:50 The other path seemed safer to him!

Miah Metzger says:

That baby with horses was very cute!

madman0404 says:

0:32 That's a Zonkey ( zebra and a donkey ) HOW DID THEY? Why is there a Zonkey. It's really beautiful but if they don't live with zebra in the area or are a wild life park? That should not be possible I think. Can someone please explain this to me please?

lolly loving says:

Don't have a picture ,but when my minis were babies I put them in the back seat, one on each side, so cute. Thank you as this reminded me of some pretty good times.

Madi Mo says:

1:05 I fucking hate how people growl at their horses. It doesn’t make them go faster or perform better. If anything it scares them and is using the fact that they are naturally prey animals to get a better performance for your own gain.

NF real music fan says:

Omigod Macho the mini Shetland and Bear the colour changing Shetland and Jesse Drent are on here!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ohhey_ itsgretaa says:

That horse in the car on 2:15 isn't ok.

Savannah Allen says:

The baby with the horse got my heart!!😍

Fire Dragon says:

На 3:19 это порода Клейдестдали

Zvonimir Dulic says:

Die Pferde und Klein Kinder , verstehen sich ohne Worte . Wen sie aber Groß sind , Heist ab sofort . Jetzt red i ! Zvonimir

Lydia l. says:

4:41 I don't like it!!!😣😣😣😣😣😝😝😖🤑😔😔😔😡😡😠😠😠

Jess D says:

That pony should NOT be in the back of a car, they're not dogs.

Ulrike Thalhammer says:

Super lieb und schön 👏👍🐎🐎

marta golonka says:

Bardzo śmieszne😂

Abigail Pinckney says:

Second video: I KNOW WHO THAT IS! It's Jesse Drent!



Rose Mary Ortega says:

Horses are a lot prettier than humans! Thay are unique and very special

albadi badha alao says:

Biutfull horse


I love horse❤🐴

Nita Alexandra Maria says:

Come on,come on,
Turn the radio on.
It's Saturday and Horses are the best!!!

Vmin A. R. M. Y says:

7:18 This looks gross

Fun Compilation says:

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