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lexa's stoner life says:

1:59 made me laugh out loud 😂🤣

Andrea Dt says:

Divertidos, tiernos y encantadores 😍🤣!!!!!🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟😘💖🇦🇷

Leo & Cherry - Hai con chó cưng says:

I love these dogs. They made my day

Carrie Easley says:

This was all good except for that poor Siamese kitten with the too tight harness on that kept slamming its head into the floor. That was not funny.

TreasureTV Jackson says:

LPS: Summers (Season 1 Episode 2)

Style: LPS, Gacha life

Captions: Call 911 if you or someone you know or have seen being abused has been abused.

Rebecca is at the welfare office with Abha and Carl.

Carl cries in silence while Abha stays still.

Carl is thirteen.

Abha is nine years old. Carl stands still and says "I'm gonna get us out of her hands."🤕

Abha is confused and Rebecca is angry.

Scene Style: Gacha Life

Rebecca whispers to him "No you won't."🤗

Rebecca looks to Abha who is visibly terrified for her brother.

Rebecca starts to feel guilty and a tear falls from her eyes.

Rebecca hides it by saying "Why you so scared?"😒

Abha cries loudly.

Rebecca feels embarrassed, thinks the people around her must thinks she's "They must think I'm a bad parent event though I'm just their-"😾 Rebecca has to calm down the minute she thinks "Sister!"😰

Rebecca pulls the two from the place and run outside with them yelling "Now y'all done it!"👿

Rebecca sits in her car sobbing.

Carl playful-ishly puts his fist on her arm yelling "Rebecca, don't cry-"😥

Rebecca grabs his throat tightly saying "What?"

Carl stares in awe, Abha is in the backseat screaming.

Carl in the front passenger seat with Rebecca in the front driver's seat of an American car smiling.

Carl panics and yells "I didn't mean to!" as she didn't tighten her fist around his neck enough to actually choke.

Carl thinks "Was it Abha's crying that scared her into leaving?!"😱

Carl punches Abha in the face for crying back there.

Abha bleeds from her nose from the punch.

Carl is shocked by what he did, Rebecca is too and lets go saying "DANG!"😱

Rebecca actually punches Abha in the eye, giving her a black eye.

Abha is scared of her two abusive siblings.

Scene Style: LPS

Narrator: Carl is abusive when he's nearly choked by or after he's choked by Rebecca which happens often.

Scene Style: Gacha Life

Rebecca pulls Abha's arm saying "Get out of the car!"

Carl tells Rebecca "Stop, it's-"

Rebecca hits him in the car.

Abha hides under the car seats.

Under there is dirt, candy, paper, and tools.

Abha asks "Please, don't hurt me!"

Carl feels guilty.

Rebecca goes in the welfare office in tears.

Rebecca comes out an hour later with a check.

Rebecca opens the car door and gets in and kicks Carl.

Carl: "Stop…"

Abha is terrified.

Carl sees Rebecca wave this check in his face saying "Whose gonna pay with this? Who am I gonna end up-"

Abha yells suddenly "I love you!" but it is only to rescue them from Rebecca's anger.

Rebecca feels shocked, then glad and says "I love you." back in shame.

Rebecca drives them home and gets out of the car bringing them into her room to rest.

Abha says "Can…Can I drive around the parking lot?"

Rebecca yells at her "No, of course not!"

Abha shakes then runs out of the room.

Carl talks to Rebecca to keep her happy by asking "Are you beautiful?" in a calm happy tone.

Rebecca gets angry and offended saying "I'm getting ugly?!"

Carl's heart stops for two seconds.

Carl pumps blood into his lungs and says "I'm…"

Carl starts to have trouble breathing.

Rebecca calls 911.

At the hospital the doctor tells Rebecca: "I think his lung ruptured and he lost his life and had to be resuscitated."

Rebecca panics while Abha cries.

Rebecca screams"You means he died?!"

The doctor says "I had to resuscitate him, so he's living-"

Rebecca punched him and said "You killed him!" The doctor tells her "I resuscitated your brother!"

Abha knows what that means and says "He's got his heart pumping, again!"

Rebecca: "You idiot!"😰

The doctor says "That's what resuscitation means!"

Rebecca is startled in shock, then says "Oh."

Abha hurries to his room and barges in yelling "Brother!"

Carl looks at her, he has tubes in him.

Narrator: They had to do surgery.

Carl says "Hey…" gasping for air as his lungs heal.

Narrator: His lungs and blood vessels heal up.

Rebecca talks to the doctors telling them "He fell into a hole and I got him out but I didn't know the damage he got."

Rebecca knows she shouldn't have hurt him.

Carl: "I'm sorry for punching you, sis."

Abha: "I'm sorry for crying, I made you hurt."

Carl is in shock, he gasps saying "I'm not hurt because of that, that's so-"

He cuts his own self off.

Carl: "I'm sorry for punching you, you don't deserve that."

Aunt Alice comes in the room yelling "HE's- Oh my gosh."

Alice gently hugs him in terror as she says "I was so worried!"

Carl is silent.

Abha is silent.

Rebecca is the one speaking "I thought he'd die!" she says in anger and terror.

Carl gets angry at her thinking she's faking when she's not.

memyselfand ifarmer says:

@5:55, don't show "outdoors whit the Morgan's ".

anna foxie Lewis says:


Ezra's Little World says:

9:53 Doc: what seems to be the problem?
Patient:i got something between my teeth's
Doc: I got You

Amanda Duhhh says:

I love these videos!!!!

Bart Slimienov says:

0:52 Welcome to Suplex City

Theresa Clancy says:

Drugging animals is NOT funny, but evil and cruel.

S Kaur says:

Most of the Animal's are better than hopeless humans….


Awwwwww how very sweet and funny. Ty for sharing.

Funny Pets Tube says:


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