Best and funniest goat videos – Funny and cute animal compilation

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Goats can act and behave really strange and weird ha?! They make funny sounds and screams, act like they are dead, walk on front legs, play with a ball, ice skate and they can be violent too.. But they are awesome, and very funny 😛 Hope you like our compilation, please share it and SUBSCRIBE! Watch also our other videos!

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“Happy Happy Game Show” Kevin MacLeod (
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Jefferson Ochoa says:

Messi & CR7

Puppeteer Master says:

Air Goat
A Volleyball tale.

Joshua F says:

250 right here worth it. Dont make me hunt. Dont want it then

Kathy Anderson says:

why do goats walk on just there front feet sometimes

Javier Mendez Hernández says:

5:05 thats why GRINGOS are stupid. Look at how her father reacts after the goat pulled her hair. Awful.

Richard Mears says:

People who click on this want to hear the goats, not your stupid lame ass music.

N C says:

I love goats so much. Idk why. Ive never had one.

Samantha Kejvalová says:


GuRUCLANdotcom says:

Fuck this loud as music

BaiAnNa2014 Twitter says:

Cool, funny ad about Method soap on this video! LOL

Damon Young says:

Lose the stupid music

K Maye says:

intentionally scaring a goat is not funny – making them faint from fear is NOT funny!

Shuttup And Payyabills says:

Goats are too weird. I can't relate.😆

Afzal khan says:

Who love goat like it

Петр Первый says:

nice work ty for video

Emily Collins says:

thats kinda gross.. 1:44

Daniel olsen says:

Slow roasted goat, lamb and roo? Ha that's life…..

Mr. Walters says:

That one guy on the roller coaster 1:33

Valkyrie says:

Did you take the hint about the shitty music?? You have more Likes on LOSE THE AWFUL MUSIC than total comments on this page.

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