Animals Screaming Like Humans – Cutest Animal Videos Compilation 2018 [BEST OF]

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Funny compilation of emotional animals including goat, beaver, rabbit, frog, camel, cat, seal, donkey, turtle.

Funny animal for kids and for children, as well for their parents. Check out this cutest and funniest animal videos compilation and enjoy! 🙂
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Jerad Isa says:

0:33 epic bop music boi

Galactic Jasonwolf says:

I don't know what humans you hearin'

I came back to Life as a Egg says:

Not gonna lie

They sound like humans

nightmareking85 gamer says:

0:50 wtf music to my ears

ابو سعد says:

مضحكه جداً

jake and bella forever says:

That first one is so sad

Matyas Dedek says:

1:52 mr pelortoise

Bryan Muster says:

That cat will haunt my dreams forever.

Omamuzo Akpobome says:

The bunny was fake lol

Shizuko Rose KTK says:

That rabbit tho. 🤣🤣🤣

I was NOT expective that kind of sound.

You sure thats not a man in costume 🤣🤣🤣

Itz Yandere Geno Sans •YEET• says:

Only 1:52 got me

mimi Cox says:


Eunice_Chung 20281040 says:

Fake af. Don't judge me!

TitanYoyo315 says:

1:15 daequan

JessiplierYT School Of Dragons GLITCHSX says:


Normal mr Bagel says:

0:35 that frogs a fire engine

Cool_ Songs says:

The first one is the funniest one 🤣🤣🤣🤣

Krafty Kat says:

Btw Most of these animal screams is because they a distressed or injured

Jaidin Borenski says:

*Panicked Frog noises*

Me: Okay partially I want to laugh…but at the same time that poor Frog.

Have you ever been squeaked at by a frog?? It’s hilarious but also extremely sad.

Positively Udo says:

I CANNOT with the frogs

F4eshassfy Hoeboi420 says:

0:05 when the crack kicks in

gacha katicorn the fangirl of my fav ship unifrown says:


Katherina K. says:

Not funny when people make them scream.

Leah Gilland says:


Nav Sran says:

All of them r obviously fake -_-

Aaron Saltzer says:

That seal went underwater after it screamed. It must not like dry land. 😆

Russel early says:

1:16 people on reddit when they see a normie

Lisa Hacker says:


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